So, those questions you might be wondering about..


Are there any limits to the requests?

You're only throttled with 30 requests/minute and 2 requests/second for uncached requests. Cached requests aren't throttled.
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How does Jikan work?

Jikan works by scraping MyAnimeList to parse the data you need

Is this open-source?

Yes! From the source, to the REST API, to this website itself; everything is available on GitHub.

Is the REST API service free?

Yes! You don't need to register for any tokens either!

I've made a wrapper for Jikan!

Awesome! Let me know and I'll add it everywhere.


What differs Jikan from the Official API?

Jikan covers what the official API lacks. It's much simpler to use, requires no authentication/tokens/etc and returns data in JSON.

What can I request via Jikan?

A whole lot.

Can you add to Jikan?

Open an issue on the GitHub repo with the feature you'd like to see added.


I have a problem using this!

Feel free to join our Discord Server or open an issue and we'll help you out!

I found a bug!

Please open a new issue with details of the problem and how it occured.

The REST API isn't working!

Uh-oh. Open an issue and I'll resolve it ASAP.

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Backers & Sponsors

Jikan's REST API service runs on multiple servers to help manage high loads of traffic. This is thanks to our backers and sponsors!


PurplePinapplesJesse (Barkdoll)


Matsujo Hibiki (Assintates)WolfDan (previous sponsor)