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So, those questions you might be wondering about..


Are there any limits to the requests?

For rate limiting policies refer to:
v3 Rate Limiting Policy
v4 Rate Limiting Policy

How does Jikan work?

Jikan works by scraping MyAnimeList to parse the needed data.

Is this open-source?

Yes! From the source, to the REST API, to this website itself; everything is available on our GitHub organization.

Is the REST API service free?


I've made a wrapper for Jikan!

Awesome! Let me know and I'll add it everywhere.

How can I support Jikan?

We'd love some help with keeping the servers running. Any help on Patreon would be appreciated!

How can I contribute?

You can contribute by making PRs on our github repositories to fix or add new features from the roadmap. Or even by creating a wrapper in your language of choice. You can also give us ideas on what else we can scrap!


What differs Jikan from the Official API?

Jikan covers what the official API lacks.

What can I request via Jikan?

A whole lot.

Can you add [functionality] to Jikan?

Open an issue on the GitHub repo with the feature you'd like to see added or come over to our discord channel to discuss further.


I have a problem using this!

Feel free to join our Discord Server or open an issue and we'll help you out!

I found a bug!

Please open a new issue with details of the problem and how it occured.

The REST API isn't working!

Uh-oh. Open an issue and I'll resolve it ASAP.

Come say hello!



Jikan's REST API service is able to maintain high loads of traffic thanks to our Patrons! ❤️
Every cent goes towards operating expenses for Jikan and upcoming sibling projects.

Sugoii~! Patrons

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